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Everyone likes to think they’ll make it through life without requiring the services of an attorney. Unfortunately, it’s not always a choice. Many people need legal help at some point in their lives, whether they have been arrested or face common legal troubles, such as a divorce or contract disputes. Jason Hamlin represents clients in and around Chesapeake, Virginia in the areas of criminal law, family law, collections, and civil litigation.

Criminal Defense and DUI

At no time in life do you need an attorney more than when you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime. As your defense attorney, Jason Hamlin can help you through the sometimes convoluted criminal defense process and explain your options when it comes to defending yourself against a conviction and criminal record.

Divorce and Child Custody

One of the most common reasons individuals find themselves in court, divorce and child custody disputes are also some of the most difficult. Mr. Hamlin represents clients facing family court with the respect and sensitivity these matters deserve, helping you get a fair agreement out of proceedings, while keeping the comfort of your family a top priority.

Landlord/Tenant, Collection and Civil Litigation

Matters involving monetary disputes typically fall under the banner of civil litigation. Mr. Hamlin can help you in several ways in regards to financial matters and contract disputes, including issues that occur between landlords and tenants and with collections.

Chesapeake, VA Legal Representation and Defense

When you need representation, The Law Office of Jason L. Hamlin can represent or defend you throughout the state, including in both Virginia’s federal court system and the United States Bankruptcy Court, where he has extensive experience. Mr. Hamlin will guide you through the criminal, family court, or civil litigation process, so that you understand all options available to you and have your best chance at getting an acquittal.

When you’ve been arrested, or face other legal matters, it’s never advisable to try to get through the process on your own. Rely on the help and skill of Jason Hamlin to guide you through one of the most difficult times of your life. With his diverse practice, Mr. Hamlin provides services to meet many of your legal needs, and is an experienced attorney dedicating to achieving your goals.

While most of his work is in the courts of Virginia, Jason Hamlin is also licensed in the state of Maryland.

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